Visual identity of the 5th edition CCBB Música.Perfomance Festival.

The idea was to restructure the festival and create a more serious institutional identity, since the language of the festival had evolved and needed a visual evolution to go along this process. The parentheses open space for the gesture of performance and for the movement of sound waves, leaving a free space to embrace any type of artistic expression. Guest starring: Berna Reale, Matthew Barney, Alejandro Ahmad, Cena Cena 11 and Mamba Negra (Teto Preto, Cashu, Ava Rocha and more).

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 16.01.10.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 16.01.17.png
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Half-Fold-A5-Mockup ccbb 1.jpg
Half-Fold-A5-Mockup ccbb 2.jpg
Half-Fold-A5-Mockup ccbb 4.jpg
Half-Fold-A5-Mockup ccbb 5.jpg
Half-Fold-A5-Mockup ccbb 6.jpg
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CCBB 17 Posts VF (c revisão barra de logos)-05.jpg